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Congratulations to Our New Order!

                                            Congratulations to Our New Order!

Although it is really a hard process to get this customer, the outcome makes us happy. After a long period time of communication, the customer finally gives us a big order. The customer is from Spain where we have several customers.


During the process we mailed the customer some free samples for several times. We try our best to supply the customer best quality, price and service. In addition to, after testing those samples are very perfect. So the customer keeps in touch with us for months, we update the price and information timely. Everything goes smoothly except the price at last. Actually the price we offered was really low, but the customer seemed not satisfied. Later considering our low price the customer also give up and give us a big order. This is so exciting. Thanks for our customer! Thanks for the hard work of our colleague.


Please rest assured all my customers no matter you are old or you are new, we will offer you the best quality, price and service! Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or related questions about our product or related chemical product.